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Fools Gold by Willem Steenkamp

Posted on Sat July 25, 2015.

All about the Lions Head Gold Mining Company (Cape Town) 1887 and other foolish pursuits for the land of Monomotapa. Visit the Chavonnes Battery, Clock Tower, V&A for fascinating insights into the history of Cape Town.

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The Voice of Time by Willem Steenkamp

Posted by Willem on Fri July 17, 2015.

The history of the Noon Gun, chronometers and the Time-Ball Tower. An interesting insight filled with anecdotes and factual information about our Cape Town muzzle loading cannons. A large selection of which is on display at the Chavonnes Battery, some we still fire off regularly.

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The day the lion blinked by Willem Steenkamp

Posted by Willem on Sat July 11, 2015.

Lion’s Head played a vital role in the daily business of the Cape in the old days, because the panoramic view from its top made it the ideal place on which to station lookouts who could warn of approaching ships... and then there was the day the lion blinked.

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How Lion's Head got its name

Posted by Willem on Sat July 4, 2015 in The characters.

We asked Willem Steenkamp, "Why Lion's Head?". He shared the story of black-mane Cape lions and adventurers, all colorful characters...

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