"Twenty Seven Years of Photojournalism" by Nic Bothma in association with European PressPhoto Agency {EPA}

This spectacular solo exhibition is a selection that includes Award winning images in association with the European Pressphoto Agency, breathtaking seascapes and unpublished images of Nelson Mandela. Almost 200 images printed in various formats including a digital slideshow, recorded presentation by the artist, interviews and articles.

Welcome to a glimpse of the life of a wire photographer from Africa.

My journey started a long time ago and for the better part of my 27 year career I have worked with the international news wire service European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) based in Frankfurt, Germany. We supply images to over 1000 of the world's top newspapers on a daily basis from our team of photographers covering every country on the planet.

The work varies from sport to nature, from war to weather, social documentary to entertainment and a lot more in between. The work we do follows strict codes of journalism. EPA is a private company and stands for reliable, independent and unbiased coverage. Speed is a crucial element to our work since our newspaper clients are all on deadline at some point around the globe. So in this digital age seconds can make the difference between a front page image and an image that slips by unused.

Enjoy the journey through a few slices of the life of a wire photographer ending back in the good old days of celluloid photography, pre digital era, where I started on one of the biggest stories in the world at the time, the fall of apartheid and liberation of Nelson Mandela.