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Introducing Phineas...

Posted by Dale on Thu June 12, 2014.

An age old craft, testimony of a patient and sure hand...

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Cannon Firing

Posted by Dale on Mon May 19, 2014.

Alfred Club 150th Anniversary Regatta 10 May 2014

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The Clock Tower on Pasella

Posted by Dale on Sat April 26, 2014 in The characters.

Did you know?
Over the years the Clock Tower has begun to lean slightly to one side. Today it is about 50mm – more or less the width of a cell phone – out of plumb. But a set of brass pins have been inserted in the brickwork of the building to ensure that any further movement can easily be spotted.

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Schermuly Rocket Lifesaving Apparatus

Posted on Sun April 6, 2014 in The characters.

The Schermuly Rocket Lifesaving Apparatus and Wagon has been rescued from it's resting place at the Slangkop Lighthouse and is currently on display with Breech Buoys and flaked ropes at the Chavonnes Battery Museum.

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