Ghost Tour 11th & 12th July 2014

Posted on Tue July 1, 2014.

Like any old building which has seen tumultuous events in its lifetime, the Castle of Good Hope has its quota of permanently resident ghostly inhabitants … although whether you see them or not is another matter.

Usually you don’t … but on July 12 and 13 the Regimental Association of the Cape Town Highlanders will try to remedy that with ghost tours that will evoke the spirit of the spirits who make the Castle their home. And who knows, you might strike it lucky. That certainly happened on previous ghost tours.

Tour-goers will be told stories by a guide/narrator at the actual scenes of past sightings, and see things and hear sounds which are likely to raise their hair a little. Exactly what? Well, the organisers aren’t giving anything away just now.

The tours are part of a campaign to raise funds to support the families of CTH soldiers who are currently away on a long peace operation deployment somewhere in Africa, a humanitarian effort in which many South African soldiers are involved.

All the CTH soldiers on active service are volunteer part-time members of the Reserve Force who made themselves available for a full-time deployment, and will be away from their families for months or arduous duty.