• Contemporary Africa Art Exhibition Zeitz MOCAA
    Mohau Modisakeng Nov - Mar 2015

    Experience a selection of Contemporary African Art presented in partnership with Zeitz MOCAA

  • Cold buffet confernce venue Chavonnes Battery
    Host your event here

    Full and half day conference, breakfast meetings, Awards events, AGM's, we offer full service so you can enjoy your time with your guests.

  • Watchdog of the Bay...
    Watchdog of the Bay...

    Built in 1724, the first in a range of VOC coastal defences to deter sea-borne aggressors.

  • The bay gets a new watchdog...
    The bay gets a new watchdog...

    In 1860 the Chavonnes Battery was ripped apart, flooded, buried and forgotten,... or so they thought!

  • Mohau Modisakeng Chavonnes Battery Art Exhibition Zeitz MOCAA
    Like buried treasure

    Discovered like buried treasure its now open for visitors to time travel back to Cape Town 300 years ago.

  • Chavonnes Battery Interns youth development storytelling history cape town
    Cultural Tourism

    Through Storytelling of the early history of Cape Town, nurturing entrepreneurs, youth development and sustainable job creation.