A Taste of the Cape: History and Cuisine

You are invited on a journey through the early History of the Cape to discover it's global significance, explore the cultures and savor the cuisine of what has become the "Mother City"

Your Full Day or Half Day package includes Tours with guides from local communities, followed by any of the optional extras such as Cannon Firing with Cape Snacks and Refreshments on the Clock Tower Precinct, or an African Djembie Drumming Circle with Dinner of Traditional Local Cuisine served buffet style,... see below for options...

Guests are given a comprehensive overview of the developments that led to the discovery and settlement at the Cape and why it served as a strategic point on the battle for the high seas between the economies of Europe and the riches of the East, the birth of globalization. How passing fleets of Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, English, Swede’s and the Danes, stopped off and left parts of their culture, cuisine and the marvels of the countries they had visited.

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Explore the V&A Waterfront {Incl Robben Island}

Full Day Package
  • 9:00 am: Brisk V&A Waterfront Historical Walking Tour,
  • 10:30 am: Collect Packed lunch for 11 am ferry to Robben Island,*
  • 2:30 pm: High Tea of local delights with a Museum Tour,
  • 3:30 pm: Free time to explore the V&A Waterfront Mall and all,
  • 7:00 pm: Buffet Dinner of local cuisine, fine Wine and Craft Beer.
  • * Robben Island trip and packed lunch can be substituted with Cannon Firing or Drumming if the ferry is cancelled. {Difference in ticket price will be refunded}

Night at the Museum {with Drumming and Cannon firing}

Half Day Package

4:00 - 5:30 pm:

5:30 - 6:30 pm: 

Enjoy Traditional Cape Snacks and Refreshments while you:

6:30 - 8:30 pm: 

  • Dinner of items selected and served Buffet Style with Refreshments

* As an optional extra we offer to have a local Author, Historian, or local Storyteller join you before or after dinner for a conversation or a presentation on a topic of your choice.

Traditional Cape Cuisine {Served Buffet Style}

Selection of Menu options

Sunset Snacks & Starters

  • Samoosas: Deep fried crispy pastry with spicy chicken or mince filling
  • Chillie Bites: Vegetarian spicy cake with spinach and onion
  • Pastry Platters: Selection of meat pies, sausage rolls, half moons and quiches
  • Canapés: Melba toast with various toppings including smoked Cape snoek pate
  • Vetkoek: Deep fried bread rolls with mince or cheese and jam filling
  • Mosbolletjies: Sweet toast made with grape yeast with watermelon konfyt
  • Pickle Fish Kebab: Battered fried fish pickled with onions and bay leaves
  • Biltong, Droe Wors, Mebos, Chevra, Seasonal Fruit and Veggie crisps

Traditional Cape Cuisine Dinner

  • Boere Stew: Butter or Green Beans or Tomato, Lamb or Beef Stew
  • Malay Curry: Beef, Mutton or Chicken Curry
  • Indian Breyani: Chicken or Mutton Breyani or Aknie
  • English Roast: Lamb and Crispy Chicken or Prime Beef with rich gravy
  • Kombuis Bake: Traditional or Vegetarian Babooti: Lentil with raisins and egg crust
  • African Braai: Selection of meat, sausage and chicken wings cooked over a wood fire
  • Served with various types of rice, salads, sauces and atchars as suited to menu choice


  • Koeksisters: Crispy pastry twist in thick sugar syrup
  • Koesista: Moist cardamom flavoured cake covered in desiccated coconut
  • Hertzogies: Pastry tarts filled with jam and baked coconut
  • Malva Pudding: Caramelised sponge care with cream sauce served hot with custard
  • Milk Tart: Short crust pastry with custard filling flavoured with vanilla pod and cinnamon


  • Selection of Wine from local estates and Craft Beer
  • Rooibos Tea and Coffee
  • Local Liqueur
  • Filtered Water

African Djembie Drumming Circle {Find your beat}

Demonstration and jamming

Visitors get to find out about the traditional African djembie drum and learn how to drum a few beats from a drumming master. All drums and various percussion instruments provided.

Muzzle Loading Cannon Firing {Act like a Pirate}

Demonstration and Firing

Home to the Cannon Association of SA and with the largest selection of Muzzle Loaded cannon in South Africa we offer guests the opportunity to fire an original muzzle loaded cannon under supervision of the Cannon Association. The guest is required to sign an indemnity form and will be provided with a printed certificate on completion

Museum Tour {with a local}

Emerse yourself in the stories and tastes

Site specific trained guides from local communities dress in period costume, allowing guests to experience the ambiance of the 17th and 18th century history of Cape Town through interesting stories and anecdotes. The tour takes place among the ruins of the old fortification, bringing that part of Cape Town’s history back to life.

High Tea {with the locals}

Selection of indigenous and local cuisine
  • Wild Sorrel {Popular for curing scurvy},
  • Chevra {Traditional spicy snack from India with nuts and roasted corn flakes},
  • Mebos {Originally from Japan called Umeboshi – made of dried apricots},
  • Sour fig {Hottentot's Fig, leaves are used for medicinal purposes and dried fruit is a duretic}
  • Watermelon Konfyt {Watermelon skins mad into a preserve with sugar and ginger, served with scones, bread and cheese}
  • Biltong {Dried meat made of Beef or Game}
  • Snoek {Indigenous to the Cape, a specie of Mackrel derived from the Dutch word for Pike often served as a smoked pate},
  • Mossbolletjies {French origin made with yeast from grapes},
  • Samoosas {Originally from central Asia, they are crispy pastry pockets filled with meat or veg}
  • Chillie Bites {Made with pea flower, spices, onion and spinach, this deep fried dough ball is a common snack of the Cape}

Served with a selection of local cakes such as milk tart, hertzogies, koesisters, koeksisters.

Refreshments include Rooibos Tea, Coffee and Appletizer